Sunday, January 08, 2006

Because God Loves You

You came to this blog spot searching for a reason. Why was a kindness extended to you by a stranger? Well, I will tell you why.

I wanted to get your attention. I wanted to verify and remind you that I do exist, and more importantly, I want you to know that I love you. My love is not conditional. I know that the world would have you believe otherwise; that you must do or not do something to receive my notice. Even churches that carry my name would bind you with "do's and don't's" to receive my love. It is a lie. Know that I love you unconditionally - no matter what. I did not send my son to bind you up, but to set you free.

No matter what you have done - no matter what you are still doing - call on me. I will answer with no strings attached. Speak my name in anger or joy, I will still answer. Give me a chance to prove myself to you.

There is no need to hide from me. I already know every one of your actions, every word you have ever spoken, and even every thought you have had. Still, I tell you now with no restraint, I still love you.

I invite you to talk to me at any time and anywhere. If you are so inclined, you may share your story with others that come to this blog by clicking on the word "Comments" below. You can write anonymously or post a fictious name - whatever is most comfortable to you.

Just know that I love you.