Monday, February 11, 2008

Faith is Not Blind

"Was blind, but now I see." Amazing Grace by John Newton

Since January 7, 2008, I have been blind in my left eye. Two operations and sedentary rest has not restored my sight or my housebound status. With a third surgery and another seven days of lying face down looming in my immediate future, I want to recount here what I now see.

  • I see that family is not who shows up for birthday parties and holidays, but who shows up to cook breakfast and clean your bathroom.

  • I see that sisters in Christ could learn a valuable lesson in ministering from the sisters in my family.

  • I see that even lying face down, I can still minister to others with a phone in my hand and God's words in my mouthpiece.

  • I see that it is not independence, but dependence on each other, that binds us together.

  • I see that children survive on love, but thrive on being needed.

  • I see that the stares from strangers are not aversion to my infirmity, but the beginnings of empathy.

  • I see that a giving spirit not only gives graciously, but receives graciously.
  • I see that even in the darkness, we can intercede prayfully for those around us.
  • I especially see God's blessings in the cessation of an independent life.

May God Bless You, Indeed.