Sunday, July 19, 2009

Knowledge or Wisdom

Knowledge can be purchased, but wisdom must be lived.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Our Servants Are Becoming Masters

Dear Father

Centuries ago your servant, Joseph, saved Egypt from financial ruin through your visions and Spirit, and Egypt was grateful vowing to serve Joseph and his descendants. Joseph's descendants flourished and prospered, and because of this service, your blessings were heaped upon Egypt.

Centuries passed and those who remembered Joseph had passed as well. The Egyptians no longer remembered their salvation by your hand and instead turned envious eyes toward the richness of Joseph's descendants . Eventually, the Egyptians stole the riches of the Israelites, enslaved the people.

Father, America was blessed as Egypt was blessed so long ago because they followed your Spirit. Somehow, we have lost your Spirit, and now our servants are working to enslave us. Slowly, the blessings that you have bestowed on your people are being taxed away, and our servants are becoming our masters.

Father, you promised that no longer will the fruit of our hands be recompense for the enemy. You promised that those who gather it shall eat it and those who garner it shall drink it in the courts of your sanctuaries.

I pray that those servants who strive to become our masters will be forever removed from your courts and sanctuaries. I pray that you will raise up new servants who know you and your Spirit. I pray that these servants will restore the courts and sanctuaries according to your will and once again America will be "God blessed". In Jesus' Holy Name. Amen

Friday, July 10, 2009

You Carry The Witness With You

Many Christians lament their lack of witness to others. Others forcibly witness to the detriment of the unbeliever.

I say, stop. Stop worrying about your lack of witness and stop the forced witness of men. You carry God's Holy Spirit inside of you wherever you go, therefore, where you go; so too goes God's Spirit.

The prophets, leaders and apostles of the Old and New Testament were all given one command - "Go!" When Moses fretted about what he was to say or whether the people would believe him, God's answer was - "Go!" When the prophet explained to God that he could not speak to the people because of his impediment, God's answer was - "Go!" After Saul's conversion, Paul went wherever the Spirit led.

Whether you spend your day in an office, teaching a class room full of children, behind a counter helping customers, or fighting in a foreign land, you are a witness to that which is in you. Believe me when I say that the people around you know that you are different. Some will reach out to that difference and some will reject that difference, but no one will be oblivious to that difference.

Do not fret that you cannot bring Bibles to the people in foreign lands or that you are forbidden to speak about God at the workplace. God is bigger than them. God is bigger than you. He only needs us to show up.

Pray a simple prayer - "Please Father, let me be a witness to someone today." or "Please Father, save -----." Then go knowing that God is in charge of the spread of His Word. He was always in charge. How else could one seemingly insignificant Man spread the Word of God throughout the world in two centuries? Paul was saved without any human witness, and so have countless others.

Our charge is to Let God work through us. If we strive to work ourselves, then we have succumbed to the enemy's pit of salvation, religion and pride in our own works. Salvation was purchased by the works of our Savior; not by ours.