Sunday, September 21, 2008

God's Big Bang

In the French village of Crozet, a group of scientists are searching for the God particle. To do this, they constructed the Hadron Collider, a seven mile underground circle housing a powerful accelerator which will shoot two opposing beams of particles at the speed of light. These two beams, hypothetically, will crash into each other releasing the original particle of creation - or the God Particle.

Science has long searched for the origins of our beginnings in a 'natural' context exclusive of a Creator. The finger of science points accusingly at those of us who believe that God created the world as slaves to our belief, but I ask who is the slave to their beliefs?

Einstein's theory of E=mc2 tells us that Energy=Mass x the speed of light - squared. However, science tells us that the speed of light is fixed at 300 million meters per second, and that by squaring the speed of light, you can produce 10 (with 15 zeros trailing behind) of energy when multiplied with mass. That is a tremendous amount of energy as we have seen by atomic bombs.

Pursuit of the God Particle with still produce a particle. No matter how many times you split the particle, there will still be a smaller particle, and from where did it come? Also, if there was a big bang through Einstein's theory, then would'nt be conceivable that the origins of the universe were created in a relatively short time; perhaps in a flash of energy?

Am I a slave to my beliefs when I explore all of life through the prism of an all powerful God? Or, is the scientist a slave to his beliefs when he explores the natural world exclusive of Him - The Creator?

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