Friday, January 01, 2010

God's Promises

Dear Father -

I noticed a couple of weeks ago that my neighbor's house was dark at night. Although still early in the evening, no light streamed from the kitchen window, no back lit shadows came from the kid's bedrooms. The bikes were still stored neatly under the back deck, the rack with firewood was still secured against the side fence and and the pool pump still stood sentry next to the covered pool awaiting another summer of fun. Although I took note of the darkness, I reasoned they were out Christmas shopping or attending a pageant at their children's school. Alas, subsequent nights of darkness dispelled my reasoning, and yesterday I drove past the front of the house and noticed a 'For Sale' sign.

I did not know these neighbors well, Father, but you did, and I wondered why this house, their hope and promise, had been abandoned, and I wondered what occurrence caused them to give up their dream.

Just like Abraham and Sarah, you made a promise to me many years ago. A promise and a hope for my future. Decades have passed since I first heard your promise and there have been many times I was ready to give up because my hope had died while the years pressed against my patience. Yet, you continue to remind of your promise in little ways when I feel my belief waning. I want you to know - I am still waiting. I will not despair, but I will surrender to Your Promise.

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