Monday, June 17, 2013


Established religions are man's pathway to God.  Catholicism, Protestantism, Buddhism and all the other religions of the world were all created by man in an effort to stand righteous before God.  Each of the world's religions require that man do something or accomplish something to prove his worthiness; attending mass, pilgrimages, taking sacraments, prescribed prayer times, self- sacrifice and even suicide may be required to stand righteous before God.

Christianity is not a religion.  Christianity teaches that man cannot make himself righteous, only God can make man righteous.  I can't remember my first sin, but I know that it exists by the myriad of sins that have followed.  God stated that the penalty for just one sin is death - permanent death.  Once I committed that first sin, I became corrupted - I could no longer participate in my own salvation.

God knew this and still wanted to give us everlasting life.  So, he came himself to earth - a sinless sacrifice - to die for all our sins.  All he asked is that you believe.  It is a choice to believe - not a feeling - not an emotion.  Make the choice to participate in everlasting life.

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