Sunday, April 04, 2010

Like The Wind

Some say that the miracles of the Bible do not exist in today's world. The miracles performed by the early church followers provided revelation of your existence to the masses. Today those miracles are no longer needed because we have your word. I know better.

The people of the the first century were living in the enemy's territory - same as we are today. Satan tempted Jesus in the desert with power of all the world's governments. Satan would not have used that temptation unless he was the ruler of this world. We bring your power and miracles into this world by asking.

When someone asks me for 'proof of God', I can truthfully answer that I have seen you. You are like the wind. I cannot see the wind, but I can feel the wind. I can see how the wind affects all that it touches. The wind can caress a small crocus petal making it dance playfully in the garden. The wind can blow dry leaves from one yard to another and down the street clearing a path. The wind can down a tree or devastate a community.

Your movements are like the wind. Your gentle touch to a mourning soul or the clearing of old ways to make way for new. Your movements inspire compassion for communities that have long been neglected in their poverty. Your movements remind a people caught up in day to day living that they need you.

Lord, you are like the wind - for now - and I know that one day all will finally see the face of the wind.

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