Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sopie's Journal - Part 1

My name is Sophie and I am writing this record of the past year’s events to bring you, Reader, up to date on what has transpired before our collapse. I beg forgiveness that the first part of this journal will be written in past tense and with knowledge of the outcome. I berate myself for not recording the past year as it happened, but hindsight always produces wisdom.

More than a year ago, I lived in a small city in Connecticut with my son. My life was ordinary. My daughter lived close by with her husband and my two grandchildren – my delight. I had a mother and father who lived less than an hour away and the families of my brothers and sisters scattered around the state. It was a close family; made closer now, but I digress.

I should first record that I am a Christian. Yes Reader, I realize that label has inspired fear and anger even before the collapse and that admitting my affiliation now is even more fearsome. Still, I cannot deny my thirty three year relationship with God for I know him to be real. He met me on my terms in the beginning. After experiencing one failed relationship after another and I needed a perfect love – a love not matter what – He showed up. He was like the wind. I could not see him, but I could see everything He did in my life. I would ask and He gave it. There were times I felt like a spoiled child, and still He gave. As my trust in Him grew, I did less praying and more talking. I talked to Him all the time as though He were my best friend. He was and still is my best friend.

Do you know His favorite color? No? I do because I asked him. I was driving down the highway on a beautiful September day. The trees had turned from the springtime chartreuse to the late season forest green. The sky was cloudless and a deep marine blue – not the sky blue of summer. I marveled at the two colors together – the tree tops seeming to scrape at the blue sky, and remarked aloud “Who would think to match those two colors together?” God did. It came to mind that I did not know his favorite color, so I asked Him. In my mind I saw a vision of leaving the ground moving higher and higher. As I left the ground, I could see the highway and then the city. Still I rose and from that vantage point, I could see the coastline, then our continent. Pulling further, I could see the whole earth. It was a large blue ball. Then I knew His favorite color is blue.

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